Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Little Word March Blog Hop

So If you are joining me for the blog hop Welcome! You should have come from Karen. 
If not you're still Welcome-and if you want to check out the blog hop from the beginning go see Margie.
My name is Katrina. I am a widow and a SAHM with one amazing,  precocious 8 year-old son named Ryno (Okay we just call him that, he's really Ryan.)  I love the FlyLadyBPC and ScrapHappy.  I scrapbook, crochet and volunteer at my local Elementary School.
Anywhoo back to One Little Word...

 I've had a little trouble finding pictures that go with "Grow" for some reason.  At the beginning of the month I had some great ideas.  I took those pictures and then no more ideas!  (Just as I typed that I remembered one that I forgot to take, But I've got it now!) Well, I am going to keep working on it because one of my favorite Scrapbook Ladies says "You are never behind in scrapbooking" And the FLyLady say "You are not behind, you are just getting started" So I am just going to keep moving forward with baby steps where necessary.  To find out more about me and my word check out this previous post. 
Like many of you, I have just finished LOAD which was certainly a growth experience.  And I did at least one layout every single day in February-personally I did 32 Layouts in 28 days!  I never would have thought it.  Now I know I can do it!!! So here are a few of my pictures for "GROW"
My Scrapbook Album After LOAD. (I just thought of using this I'm so glad I did)

See those tiny little leaves that mean new growth?  This plant is in my kitchen and has been in danger of dying more than once, but it just keeps on surviving and even growing.
At one time the little one was  Ryan's shoe, now he wears the bigger one.
And look how fast he is outgrowing those pants!
The other day I noticed this in my tiny little sheltered flower bed.  It's Crocus Hooray! Spring is coming!! It's Growing warmer and my flowers are starting to grow!

The Growth Chart on my son's bedroom wall (The one I just took)

1.   I hope you have enjoyed this little peek at me & my life. I am a sporadic blogger, but have gotten more consistent lately. More to rave about?  Perhaps.  More to rant about? Certainly, and I can always ramble.
      I am a crocheter too and sometimes crochet things that scrapbookers can use so check out my ETSY store and leave a comment (here) about what your favorite item is or what you would like to see on there or a hint about how I might "Grow" my Etsy business, Or some picture ideas for Grow? (or if you just want to comment about the blog post that is okay too). I will be giving one random commenter a crocheted flower bookmark in their favorite color.  (U.S. Only Please)
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 Thanks for Visiting!


  1. The LOAD challenge is too intimidating to me - but kudos to you!

  2. way to go on the load project!! And what a terrific post and photos about growth. Enjoy March.

  3. Way to go on your LOAD project! I'm at the end of week 1 myself. :) I love your photo of your son's shoes. They really do grow up so fast. How about using a screenshot of the front page of your Etsy shop?

  4. if things quiet down a bit I might attempt LOAD. Great photos for your word!

  5. So want to try LOAD sometime. Did do 30 pages in 30 days last summer, but not precisely one per day. Congratulations on your growth!

  6. Love the photos documenting how fast kids grow! Congrats on LOAD!

  7. Love your focus on GROW! Looks like a fun journey!

  8. Those are great photos. I love the one with your son's shoes. Perfect. Sorry I am late to your blog but my internet has been unreliable and slow lately - I think the gov't is worried about the thread of protests so it is affecting the internet. Thanks so much for participating in the blog hop!

  9. I really like the photo of your growing scrapbook! Great job!

  10. Just finished LOAD too - my second - completely rejuvenated my scrapbooking :~)
    What about a series of photos of a crochet project as it "grows"?
    Linked here from ScrapHappy, btw.

  11. Totally jumped over here out of order (from Lee's blog) - but I can't resist reading another Katrina! Love your OLW photos. :)