Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My One Little Word

Sometime in January I was inspired by an email to take a year long workshop taught by Ali Edwards called One Little Word.  I have taken classes from Ali at BPC before, and in person at CKU, and have never failed to be inspired by her. In short the idea of One Little Word is for one word to inspire you for the year.  (For more info click on the link) I was stuck between 3 different words for quite a while- which would I choose Balance, Nurture or Focus? I had already done a Layout with a list of goals for 2011 back in December.  Here it is:

When I showed it to a friend she said I was selling myself short- that I was already a great mom (Are you tearing up yet?  I am. I have such amazing friends) she said it should be to GROW as a mom.  
When I got home I looked up the definition of grow (I had already looked up the others and still couldn't choose).  I realized that I need to grow in many areas of my life.  That I could Grow in nurturing, balance and focus and GROW as a person.  I started to see growth all around me: my son's literal growth, plants with new growth.  So in a way you could say the word GROW chose me.  (I now see it in capital letters in my head). 
Ever since my hubby died in 2003, I have felt stuck in so many ways.  Looking back I can see that I have grown and changed and healed in many ways.  It has been a gradual, sometimes not even noticeable, process...but it has been a process.  So here is my January project:
Title page:

Beginnings photograph:

And here is my page where I (using a template from Ali) explored GROW, its definition, synonyms, and even some verses and quotes using the word GROW.

So here is to growth! It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

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  1. Lovely page, great Bible verse. Here's to a year of growth for you.