Friday, January 27, 2012

LOAD Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog! If you're following the hop, you should have come from Pam
 (If not don't worry the last one links back to the first one in a big circle so even if you start here you can still see us all).

I am Katrina, also known as kskreations on Flickr which is short for my little crafty business Katrina's Kreations. I am a mostly SAHM of one, my DS Ryan, who was just reading this & thought I nicknamed him after his Nintendo ;). I feel like I've been scrapping my whole life. I did some scrappy things with magazine pictures & cutouts of certain hearthrobs when I was a young teenager (can you remember NKOTB?).  In 1994 I did a whole album from a vacation I took-in an old "magnetic" album with only photos and ephemera I collected on the trip (I haven't talked myself into taking it apart, but maybe I'll just scan the pages so when it falls apart, I'll have the scans). I started doing what we think of as scrapbooking when I did an album for my parents 30th Anniversary in 2001. I was totally hooked despite my first major scrap related injury (it involved a craft knife & let's just say my thumbprint is very identifiable to this day), but didn't do much more until  after Ryan was born in 2002. I've never stopped since!

If you've never tried LOAD I highly recommend it!   (Just click the blinkie on the top left or go to ) My first LOAD was October of 2010. I was so inspired that I joined ScrapHappy before it was over & I haven't missed one since.  In fact last year I did the MotherLOAD marathon in September & then an informal ScrapHappy LOAD in October (That's 56 layouts total).
LOAD is so inspiring Lain has worked so hard to give us a great prompt each day...and then she doesn't even mind if you ignore it, as long you post a layout each day. Many of my very favorite layouts were made during a LOAD.  They are not always the most beautiful or complex, but the tell important stories.  Here are some examples:

Layouts about my childhood & my Mom are fun to make (& share) and meaningful too.

 Both of the above layouts are about my husband.  since my son was an infant when he died in April of 2003, it is my job to enrich his memory. The only way he will know his father is through those who remember him.  It's not something I scrap about constantly but I do at least one every LOAD-it's like Therapy for me.

Layouts that preserve my observations and my son's memories will be even more appreciated as he grows. And maybe his future children will enjoy learning about their Dad as a child.

Here is the wrapup page from last February:

Layouts like this one are like a pat on the back as well as motivation to do it again.

Here is an excerpt from a previous blog post about LOAD (pictures were added for your enjoyment this time):

Now I don't usually do a whole lot of prep. I have a gazillion photos in boxes in my studio or in my PSE Organizer (Or both sometimes) so I often just let the prompt inspire which page I do that day, but I wouldn't be able to do that if my photos weren't organized. I haven't taken LOM, (but I do have the book Photo Freedom) so most of my photos are still stored chronologically.
I have a big 12x12 album that all my LOAD LO's go in, then eventually I will move them to the individual albums they belong in. I have several that are as follows: Ryan's Baby Album (separate from the baby book but you knew that already right), Then 2 more Ryan Albums (one is full), which have pages from various ages. An Album about my husband & my memories of him. I have an all about me album which has a surprisingly large number of pages. I have a travel album, a disney album, and a misc for those pages that don't fit anywhere else, & a couple albums with no particular theme from when I first started scrapbooking.

My Scraproom is my favorite place in my house, except that it usually looks like a paper truck exploded, so I am going to work on cleaning it up & organizing before LOAD starts too. (Jan 2012-I always say that & I always work to get it somewhat organized, but by the end of LOAD-an even bigger paper truck is dumped in there-along with plenty of glitter & mostly/partly used sticker (mostly alphabets) sheets.  The really embarrassing thing is i have 3 good sized trash containers in there & I use them... So where does all this stuff come from?)

My supplies are mostly sorted by color. I do have a whole bunch of binders with themed embellies, stickers etc. ( The top row of binders is about 1/2 clear stamps) \I always make it my goal to use my stash & not buy anything new for LOAD. It doesn't always happen, but I certainly have enough in my stash to keep me busy for a couple of years...even if LOAD was every month. 

(Back to 2012:)

I can hear you asking...(OK maybe not, but I'm going to tell you anyway LOL) Yes that is a clear shoe holder full of rubber stamps (actually it's 2) on the back of the door (I have another on the other side, but it's not nearly as full) & beside it is my huge rack of paper, from floor to ceiling- solids on one side & patterns on the other. 

 The white 12" file drawers have some old page kits (remember ScrapJammies?) and any "themed" papers that wouldn't be used for anything other than that theme (I mean if you want to use paper with "Orthodontist" and pictures of teeth all over it to showcase your niece's wedding...that's up to you. Really I mean it, if anyone wants the orthodontist paper let me know...I'll be happy to mail it within the US).  So now I'm thinking Why do I have some of this stuff?  Maybe I'll use it someday? Maybe there really was  a rogue Craft Store truck in here...Hmmm.

If you are standing in the middle of the room & turn around you see the above left picture (BTW these are "photomerges from Adobe Photoshop Elements cool right). The counter is my work area.  I love having all my prettiest & most used supplies within easy reach. & I think it's pretty too. (I mean except for the mess of course). I recently took out the little kid's table & phone stand & put a big 5x6" table there with a big person chair.  So If someone else wants to scrap with me, I actually have room for that! Yay!  (Now whether or not the table is full of stuff so there's no room to work... I'm working on that...really!)

So I know that was crazy long but i hope you enjoyed it and as a reward for bearing with all my ramblings...I'm going to share some of my wonderful stuff stash!  Leave me a comment & I'll randomly pick someone to share with...It's great stuff really, I promise I won't share anything I wouldn't use myself!
If you are interested in some of the places where I get ideas for my LOs (besides from ScrapHappy) check out this earlier blog post: journaling & inspiration made easy. 

Your next stop is: Cate.

Now just in case anyone gets lost along the way here is the whole lineup:

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Enjoy the rest of the hop and enjoy LOAD. I look forward to seeing all your wonderful pages. As well as hearing all the wonderful comments. You are all so encouraging I just love it. Thank you so much! While I'm at it, Thank you Margie for organizing the hop. And of course, THANK YOU Lain for the inspiring prompts & for putting us all together in this wonderful community!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clear It Out Card

It's time for another Clear It Out challenge! This time the challenge is "Staying Warm" so use up your leftover wintry scraps. Here is my card:

The design team was given this adorable digi Winter Penguin-Graphics by Sanqunetti Design to use this week. It can be yours too if you are the winner of this challenge. So Head on over to Clear It Out and join us. You've got 2 weeks to show us what you can do with this challenge. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Friday, January 13, 2012

January Take Twelve

January 12, 12 by kskreations
January 12, 12, a photo by kskreations on Flickr.
So I've started the Take 12 Challenge from Ella Publishing which means that I will take (at least) 12 photos on the 12th of each month this year...Okay I can't just take 12 photos, so I narrowed them down to these 12 from the more than 60 that I took.
Come join us even if you didn't take 12 that day, you can take them on a different day or even throughout the month. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just for fun

So I am thinking about doing a scrapbook page about all my favorite shows & this right here is on the top.  My biggest problem is that currently, scrapbook pages can't play video;) so enjoy the opener of my favorite Psych episode ever (we quote from this one all the time-almost like Shawn & Gus).
That gave me the idea to do a page about all the quotes we use all the time so here it is:

Psych Bollywood Theme Song from Greg Cooper on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thank you Card

The current challenge over at Clear it Out is to make a Thank You card.  Here's mine:

My wonderful neighbour shoveled the snow from my drive & sidewalk.  This card is for him.
The winner gets 30 yards of Bakers Twine From
I look forward to seeing what everyone submits.