Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hi...So we have a new challenge blog that I am thrilled to be a part of. It's called a Crafting Start . It's all about the basics. So if you've never paper crafted but would like to, or just need some help with new techniques...this is the place to be! We will have all kinds of tutorials & ideas. This weeks challenge is digi stamps and weve got a great place to get them- and since they're free...Well who can resist that? Not me!!! So I Picked this adorable owl made by Dawn.

Cute right? Here's a close up of an owl I colored:

The "feathers" are much easier than they look...

And this is my card:

Wait for it....

Ok well you saw that coming right? If you're older than say 8 you probably did! (This is a joke my 9 yo son loves to tell except when you say "Tank who?" He says "You're Welcome")

Looks complicated right! Not suitable for a beginner you think... well you'd be Wrong! It's super easy! I'm working on a tutorial & hopefully I'll be posting it soon.

Bye for now!