Sunday, May 13, 2012

More LOAD Layouts including this months' Take 12

Here it is the 13th of May already!  As my son was quick to point out, there are only 7 days of school left.  Where has the time gone?  Since it is the 13th, I will start off with this month's take 12 & here it is:
As you may have guessed it is also my LOAD layout for today.  And today is:

Day 13-Sketchy Sunday

& here is the sketch:

Again we had to adapt it or change it up in some way.  

So Here is my page:

 I am just loving the pictures I take on the 12th & think the book I print at the end of the year will be such a great way to remember our life as it is.  As always, I took WAY more than 12 pictures, in fact I took 102.  So here are a couple that just barely missed the cut:

My Front Porch.  I just love pansies!
A bit of the back yard.   Flowers are everywhere & they aren't all dandelions!

Ryan is tired from playing outside most of the day, & wet from the sprinkler, so he's reading a Baby Blues Comic collection

Spent a couple hours this week doing this arrangement for the TV room wall.  This container used to grow a philodendron, but my brown thumb got another one...

Now back to LOAD:

Day 9: Wicked Wednesday – 6+ Photos
As you can see I used way more than 6 photos.   If you count, there are 18!!! I got all the highlights of the event on just one page and love the result.

Day 10: Who's have Thunk it Thursday-Lift a cereal box
My choice of Cereal inspiration

Who would have ever thought that the inspiration for this page was a cereal box?  Not even me & I did it LOL! 







Day 11: Five-Sense Friday – Touch

Now a little funny for you. The prompt wasn't working when I went to bed (It was fixed when I got up though so no biggie :)) Knowing it was  Five-Sense Friday & that there were only 4 senses left I guessed that it would be Touch. Someone on the message board said I must be a good guesser :) How did I get it? Well since we'd lifted cereal the day before I had a feeling taste was not going to be it, & smell goes along with taste a lot.  Sight is too easy since it's not out of the box at all so Touch seemed to make sense.  Maybe a little of the Sherlock Holmes I've been reading is rubbing off?

Anywho here is my page:

This is also my first layout for Nic & May's Double Take class at BPC.  It's about the place where I sit (when I get to sit) when my son is home & since my legs have been sore from a workout on Tuesday, I haven't been climbing up & downstairs to my scrap room in the basement, so this week, I've been sitting here even more.  Not the neatest area (Esp during LOAD)  but a place where we love to be:). (Much of this is on the pullout journaling card).

Day 12: Random Acts of Scrapping Saturday – Something from Your Trash

 If you look closely at the take 12 page you'll see the layout already but here it is:

 This is my pre-class layout for Nic Howard's Dimensional Details class at BPC, I am so looking forward to this class!! & Yes I did use trash!  Here's a closeup of the cluster:

Can you count all 5 different pieces of trash?  

I'll give you a hint one of them is not trash in the picture above it...

Okay I'll tell you:  1. Wrapper from a Lindor Truffle 2. Wrapper from a KIND bar 3. Cardboard
4. Leftover Eyelash yarn, too short to crochet with 5. the lid from a Ball jar. 

So that brings us to today & we already did that one :)  More from me soon, including a new challenge at Clear It Out!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More LOAD Layouts

Can you believe I am actually posting a second set of  LOAD layouts before the second week is even over?  I almost can't, but as my DS used to say "I Yam!"  As my mom said on the phone earlier today "It's been a crazy week, crazy month, crazy year crazy LIFE"  Besides LOAD I am working hard on my assignments for the Clear It Out challenge blog next week, the June/July issue of Ready Set Create and working on some new pinwheel embellies for my etsy shop so (not to mention volunteering at School, & last month of school/ teacher appreciation gifts) Stuff happens & blogger waits...but LOAD & Life don't so here are some pages for you:

Day 4- Five Sense Friday- Our prompt was about sound & hearing. 

While technically it was not about My hearing but Hubby's & Newborn baby Ryan's this seemed to qualify.  The red journaling card behind the picture reads:  I've always known that I snore, my sister made sure of that.  But Brad never mentioned it for 5 years.  So when he woke me up one night, soon after coming home from the hospital I was perplexed & a bit perturbed, (after all Sleep was very precious!) so I said "You've never mentioned it before, did this just start?"  He replied "No you've always snored, but I was afraid you would wake the baby." 

(Did I have a wonderful sweet husband or what!)

Day 5- Random Acts of Scrapping Saturdays: eBay Inspiration! (Search ebay for your name & be inspired by something)

I was not inspired by the many Hurricane related items on ebay.  However, thanks to my study of the Nepali language I recently learned that there is a Bollywood star named Katrina, so I just added the word Bollywood after my name & searched again.  She really is beautiful!  I was immediately inspired by a poster of her with purple flowers just floating all around.  Now I should probably mention (In case you're thinking, like me that this layout isn't particularly well designed) that I was at/preparing for a large formal party all day & got home just in time to barely make the deadline (The deadline is 1am for me)...but I got the page done & uploaded ON Time!  As we keep telling one another in the LOAD discussion board "Done is Better than Perfect!" I even a picture I took that day.  Now don't those girls look sweet!

Day 6:  Sketchy Sunday!  We were given this sketch:
But were told we had to adapt it in some way, not to just use it as is (Which if you know me, you know I almost never use a sketch exactly as it is but that's okay!) I turned the sketch on it's side and flipped it.
  I decided to do the facing page for the LO from the previous day (So many pics of these adorable girls how could I help it?)

So here are the two days pages together:


Day 7: Manic Monday: 30-Minute Day

 I did all of this layout including choosing pictures, paper & embellishments in 30 minutes, except the journaling took a bit longer:  There's a little tag behind me with the continuation of the journaling that talks about how I wanted Ryan to love the Little Mermaid as much as I did (But duh he's a boy and was a toddler (That sea witch IS quite scary) whereas I had been a teenager when it came out), But I had to content myself with the fact that he did love the sequel & was quite excited to meet Ariel when we got to Disneyland.
That brings us to today:

Day 8: Tough Topic Tuesday – Someone Else’s Story

And once again I was so inspired by Tough Topic Tuesday, that I made not one but 2 layouts. (Not to mention that my legs hurt so bad from Body Pump this morning that I could barely walk, so sat at the computer for a few hours, but did I do Creative Team stuff?-No! LOAD wins again :))

Besides being my Grandmother's Depression era story, It was also tough to tell because she passed away in 2002.   It's the story of how she found a dime, when there was no money in the house & her mother let her choose what kind of food to buy with it.  What a different world we live in today!  

These peaceful looking pictures made me wonder what was going on in the mind of my usually non-stop Go-go-go son:
 That's it for this edition of LOAD tributes.  Check back next week for a new Clear It Out Challenge (I'll give you a hint, it has to do with using up one of the supplies I completely love & hoard!).  & more LOAD layouts coming soon!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time for LOAD again! (Already?)

Yes indeedy it is May & time for LOAD again in fact it's already the third day!  So I have 3 4 layouts to show you!  Besides the prompts, I have been having some fun using challenge blogs too so here goes:

Day 1:  Tough Topic Tuesday:  Self Portrait

Well it must not've been that tough, because I made 2 layouts!  I finally did some pregnancy pictures.  I didn't have very many & I couldn't find that 9th month baby bump picture that I was sure I had but I still like it.

After I had uploaded this page, I got an email with the monthly newsletter from the athletic club we belong to, and they featured me,  So I did another layout:

Day 2 "Wicked Wednesday"  Make A Layout without a photo

I've had this drawing in my scrap room since my DS made it in 2007 so I just had to use it!  i just love seeing myself through his eyes!

Day 3 "Who'd have Thunk It Thursday"  Use Holiday colors on a non-holiday page.
It just so happens I had the perfect story for this one!  (Although it took me a few hours to figure out what I was going to do!). 

And on this layout I took the C.R.A.F.T. Challenge to use buttons. 
And the DYSU Challenge to use circles If polka dots don't count I'm sure buttons do right?

 I just love how it turned out!

As always I am using LOAD as an opportunity to shop my stash & clear out by using up some old stuff!  Can you believe I've had these fabulous papers & buttons & embellies for all of these pages for several years?  Well I have.  Can't wait to see what Lain comes up with for tomorrow's prompt!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012