Friday, April 9, 2010

1980's TV Shows they should make movies of, but probably won't

1980- I was... well... under 10.  The Greatest American Hero debuted.  I mainly remember a few vague scenes (something about baldness?), the 2 main characters and crying when I wanted to watch it but the show was canceled. 

2010 Hurrah for NetFlix!! They have it on DVD.  I wasn't sure I should revisit such a treasured memory lest it be disappointing or even raunchy (Like when I saw a certain Pirate Movie as an adult-Still can't believe my parents let me watch that-Thank heaven I didn't understand when I was younger).  But no it is still a good, clean, funny show, maybe a little corny in parts but still very funny.  Even better, My son loves it as much as I did.  Maybe it's the super hero stuff, or maybe it's the slapstick comedy crashes and super powers not quite figured out, but he loves it!  So when Chowder or Johnny Test are getting on my nerves I can just put in the most recent Netflix DVD and he's not complaining!   I am seeing my younger self through his eyes. He even knows every word of the theme song.    How great is that. In a world where Bakugan Brawls rule the waves, we have bonded over a high school teacher in long johns and a cape. The only problem is...I may never return them to Netflix. Or maybe I need to check Amazon or Ebay. Any suggestions are appreciated.