Friday, November 26, 2010

Small Business Saturday

 Well here it is Black Friday and I am so not going anywhere.  Not that I don't love to shop in crowded craft stores and jam packed department stores in search of great deals.  I even spent the night at WalMart once to get a big screen TV at a great price.  But today I am doing all my shopping online.  Many of my favorite stores have online coupons today that rival their in-store deals.  Not to mention that I have a cold, and don't want to share it with anyone let alone a few thousand shoppers.  And my favorite place to shop online this year is  The variety of handmade items is mind boggling.  They have jewelry, clothes, pet beds, craft items...everything you can think of that can be handmade and vintage items too.  I bought some yummy yarn last year and made this gorgeous scarf last week.

Villainess Scarf

Flowered scarf band

I would like to try to sell it, but it is soo soft and yummy that I kinda want to keep it for myself.  I got the yarn from Dragonfly Fiber design and it is a silk/cashmere blend in a color called Villainess. Unfortunately this particular yarn is discontinued, but they have so many more. I think I am going to make a headband to go with it or maybe a hat...  Anyhow check out especially tomorrow on small business Saturday, and if you want to check my shop and let me know what you think I will give one random commenter a crocheted bookmark like this one, in any color you wish.  Just comment by Friday December 3rd and tell me your favorite thing in my shop, and you will be entered to win.