Monday, December 6, 2010

Sick Little Boy=Exhausted Mom

 So as an ADD mom with an ADHD little boy I am still surprised that it took someone else to point out that my son was not himself. Ordinarily if he sits still for 15 minutes without the T.V. on or a video game in his hand I think something is wrong. It all started when I asked him to do something at 4:00 Friday afternoon and he said "Mom I'm reading, can I do it after?"-that should have been my first clue.  This boy does not read books without prompting - ever! And when he was in the same place when dinner was ready at 6:30 I should have known.  But it took a friend to mention it to me and when she asked he said his tummy hurt. So three of us (I had 2 girlfriends over: Eve who is also a mom and Rebecca Lynn) took turns feeling his head & the back of his neck and all agreed he was warm, we brought out "The bucket"  (a big plastic mixing bowl twice the size of his head...yet I'm still changing sheets & cleaning carpets) and put it right next to him on the couch,  made him some "Tummy Tea" (made by Traditional Medicinals it is a lifesaver) and finally continued with our dinner.  Within a few moments he was calling "Rebecca Lynn, will you please empty my bucket?"  Now Rebecca Lynn is an amazing woman, a real trooper, the best auntie ever and the one I call on when I need support for a  Love & Logic training session but still, needless to say, it was not her idea of a fun dinner time activity. So enter Mommy to save the day.
Today is day four of "The stomach bug" I don't have to describe the symptoms or the activities of the previous 3- you all know them well, suffice it to say that I didn't have to clean vomit off of anything my son didn't touch, but everything else... Oh and I am out of clean sheets for my bed and his! So my biggest question; Why does it take so much energy to sit on a bed watching movies and fetching ginger ale? Today he was better, there was nothing new to clean except a little spilled soda.  So Why am I so exhausted?  Is it the three days of subsisting on fruit and protein bars (nothing he could smell)?  Too much emotional release watching Lassie? Overworked gag reflex? Maybe it's the overload of motherly concern. All I know for certain is -he is going to School tomorrow or there will be a crazy woman on the loose and it wont be Rebecca Lynn.