Monday, February 21, 2011

LOAD day 21 In Ryan's eyes

I have been seriously lax in sharing my LOAD pages so I'll share a few.

I agonized over today's and whether I wanted people to actually see these pictures of me (Yikes) that were taken by my son...I finally decided that even though he specializes in Lazy Saturday, Not showered, No makeup and/or End of a busy day, Messy hair, Makeup worn away photography, he seems to capture the real me better than anyone so here it is:

I saw a LO yesterday where they had asked their child the questions in Stacy Julian's book-Big Picture Scrapbooking.  I have the book and love it!  I asked him these questions several years ago, and it was time to do it again!  So here is the Q&A done yesterday and used on today's layout:
What is something your Mom always says to you?
Mom always says “I love you forever I like you for always as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be”
What makes Mom Happy?
Protein Bars
What makes Mom sad?
When she accidently head butts the wall on purpose (When did that happen?  In my dream.)
How does Mom make you laugh?
Air tickles! Sometimes even hits herself on the head
How old is Mom?
How tall is Mom?
18 inches & nine yards
What is her favorite thing to do?
Mom’s favorite thing to do is make her hair look all spiky to make me laugh
What does she do when you are not around?
She watches TV until her head comes off
If she was famous what would it be for?
You would be famous for eating chocolate balls until your brain rots
What is Mom really good at?
She’s really good at GETTING ON MY NERVES!
What is Mom really not good at?
She’s really not good at pulling her head off
What is Mom’s job?
Mom’s job is being a Mom
What is Mom’s favorite food?
Protein Bars
What makes you proud of Mom?
She tucks me in at night and reads me stories
If Mom was a cartoon Character who would she be?
What do you and Mom do together?
Puzzles, Family Worship and get on each other’s nerves sometimes
How are you and Mom the same?
We’re both people
How are you and Mom different?
Mom’s a grownup and I’m not
How do you know Mom Loves you?
She hugs me and kisses me whenever I leave for school and whenever I get home

Our children have the strangest ideas about us sometimes. Some inspire reflection, and hopefully improvement. Some were said to be funny. Some are not nice-because he was annoyed that the interview went on for so long, some are just plain wrong. All are worth recording and remembering.

Yesterday the prompt was to embrace imperfection, by intentionally making a "mistake".  I figured that if anyone could help me embrace imperfection, my 8 year old could so I had him make up and write the title, and I used it misspelling and all.

Here are a few others:

Day 19 My  maternal grandparents circa 1950

Day 18-5 item Friday-5Patterned Papers My childhood jungle gym:

Day 17 It's true I am a glitter addict.

Day 16  4 years old and covered in paint?  Oh yeah!

Day 15 The story of my son's early childhood fear of "Buddy Buh Buh" (AKA Ronald McDonald), how did he get that nickname you ask?  The jingle from McDonald's commercials of course! You know "Ba da ba ba bah I'm lovin' it"

Day 14 is a true portrayal of the contents of my Purse & Tote (including trash) before I cleaned them out that morning.
Day 10
Stay tuned there will be more soon!

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