Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LOAD day 8 Ryan my hero

So it's no secret that I am a crafter.  My scrapbooker self comes out daily this month with LOAD (For more information click on the link) and on a regular basis the rest of the year with Big Picture Classes (BPC), there is no hiding my yarn addiction since I carry a crochet project nearly everywhere I go.
As you know my Word this year is GROW.(for more info look at my last post).  So part of my growth is to be more present with my son. When the day was drawing near to an end I headed downstairs to my scrapbook studio to do my page.  My son followed along. He wanted to do a "craft" together.  We ended up doing this page together:
I asked him for his favorite: 1.color 2. Food 3. TV show 4. Toy 5. Person 6. Human (if wondering why see # 5's answer) 7. Song 8. School subject.  At one point he told me to look the other way, and he stuck his name on in letter stickers.  He picked the "my hero" rub on (his first experience with rub ons- he was fascinated) he asked if he could use the gems, and did another "Look over there mom" thing and stuck the flower on with scotch tape. After everything was adhered (me putting glue dots on gems and buttons, him sticking them wherever he wanted) I realized it would be really nice to have his handwriting on it, so  I asked him to write something he is good at and something he likes about himself on the quote paper. I was hoping for something a little more personal than " I like that I can go to the webkins website"  especially since he hasn't been to that site in over a year, but I guess it will do.  He is good at "vidio games" that is for sure! Seeing what he thinks

of himself tells me that I need to work on his self esteem a bit more. 

He has been on ADHD meds since Saturday, and so far not much has changed here at home, we will have to see what his teachers think when they reevaluate this Friday. I hope that if school becomes easier for him, and focusing not so much struggle, he will start to see what a great kid he really is and not be so hard on himself.

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