Saturday, February 5, 2011

LOAD Day 5

Our inspiration piece today was this Table of Contents from Real Simple:

Right after I saw it, I read Stacy Julian's blog.  I was inspired to create a sort of Table of Contents of the year Using only 13 pictures from the whole year.   (The blog talks about using 12 which I used on the right side)
 Here is the result:

My Journaling is as follows:
January: The burned buns
Ryan got out of the tub, and dried himself off in front of the fireplace.
But he got too close and ended up with 2nd degree burns on his bottom.

February: Circuit Assembly
After lunch Ryan and I helped the M. Family clean tables & chairs in the cafeteria of the Green Center, Golden Colorado

March: Couch Wrestling
Ryan pretended (I think)  he didn’t want his picture taken-mostly to have the fun of wrestling

April: Nearing The end of 1st Grade
Mrs. N. in front of her class. This was her first year of teaching and she is awesome!
P.S. Can you find Ryan in this picture?

May:  Backyard Ball
George brought big Ryan with him to little Ryan’s study, then they played catch in the backyard.
This was the same day as the beginning of the swingset fiasco.

June: Digging for Dinosaurs
We took Hanna with us to the Dinosaur Resource Center.  There were lots of fossils to look at.  A window into the lab, and a special area for kids to explore.

July: Renaissance Festival
We met Darcy at Ren Fest   She & I were in costume, & by the end of the day so was Ryan (sorta)

August: First TMS Bible Reading
A week after school started, Ryan gave his first Bible Reading on the Theocratic Ministry School.  It was  2Kings 6:8-19 He did such a great job!  We had a lot of visitors there to see it and went to Applebees after with Titi, Don & Krissy, Eve, & all the kiddos.
September: Rebecca Lynn & Ashme
We had a fun day of touristy stuff Garden of the gods, Bug Museum and dinner after.

October: My first LOAD
I took a self portrait using the mirror to put on my first LOAD layout ever.

November: Denver Aquarium
The kiddos had a day off from school, so Kim G. & I took our children to the Denver aquarium.  They had such a great time. 

December: Girls Spa Night
Becky Hume started a Beauti Control business so I decided to have a Spa at my house.  We all did a lip treatment that looked so funny I had to get a picture, and had warm neck wraps.
Left to right-Kristina R, Robin F, Me, Amelia C.


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  1. Great idea to do a year in review post - your double layout looks great.