Thursday, May 5, 2011

LOAD Day 5

Wow it's day 5 already & I haven't posted any layouts for you so here they are all in one shot:

Day 1 prompt-Basics, just Picture, Paper, Title, & Journaling 

 Day 2 Prompt: Contrast (show it using something other than color)

She said if you're going to contrast by making the element big- make it really big- so I did

I also did this week's LYM prompt here, which was to use a timeline. Tried to do some different things with this one, using a clustering technique I learned from TrueScrap (BTW truescrap2 is coming in OctoberYay!!) & bulky flowers don't scan too well, but I think it still looks okay.  Here are close ups of each side:

Day 3 prompt was Emphasis, Emphasize one thing over the others, don't try to emphasize everything not sure I did too well with that:

These are from Field Day- Just last Friday-Here are the  close ups:

Day 4 Prompt was white space again, I didn't leave too much white space, but I was in a bit of a hurry & used a template:

Close ups again- (BTW look how little Ryan was!):

And Day 5 prompt Visual triangle:
My nephew Aaron has just learned to crawl

Not sure why but this LO took nearly as long as the timeline one, probably because I really wanted to use the triangle to showcase those gorgeous Eyes, and so I fiddled with it a lot.

And when I finally looked at the LOAD message board this morning, I discovered that I won a prize on Day one from @thebigbluebarn...(not for the LO but for leaving lots of comments, I haven't had time to do that as much since that day, but hopefully tomorrow I can catch up on the LOs I've missed this week)I am really excited!! I will do my best to keep sharing my pages with you, at least weekly, the rest of the month. & speaking of prizes, don't forget to check out my May OLW blog hop post-There's a giveaway & you have until the 22nd to qualify.

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