Sunday, May 13, 2012

More LOAD Layouts including this months' Take 12

Here it is the 13th of May already!  As my son was quick to point out, there are only 7 days of school left.  Where has the time gone?  Since it is the 13th, I will start off with this month's take 12 & here it is:
As you may have guessed it is also my LOAD layout for today.  And today is:

Day 13-Sketchy Sunday

& here is the sketch:

Again we had to adapt it or change it up in some way.  

So Here is my page:

 I am just loving the pictures I take on the 12th & think the book I print at the end of the year will be such a great way to remember our life as it is.  As always, I took WAY more than 12 pictures, in fact I took 102.  So here are a couple that just barely missed the cut:

My Front Porch.  I just love pansies!
A bit of the back yard.   Flowers are everywhere & they aren't all dandelions!

Ryan is tired from playing outside most of the day, & wet from the sprinkler, so he's reading a Baby Blues Comic collection

Spent a couple hours this week doing this arrangement for the TV room wall.  This container used to grow a philodendron, but my brown thumb got another one...

Now back to LOAD:

Day 9: Wicked Wednesday – 6+ Photos
As you can see I used way more than 6 photos.   If you count, there are 18!!! I got all the highlights of the event on just one page and love the result.

Day 10: Who's have Thunk it Thursday-Lift a cereal box
My choice of Cereal inspiration

Who would have ever thought that the inspiration for this page was a cereal box?  Not even me & I did it LOL! 







Day 11: Five-Sense Friday – Touch

Now a little funny for you. The prompt wasn't working when I went to bed (It was fixed when I got up though so no biggie :)) Knowing it was  Five-Sense Friday & that there were only 4 senses left I guessed that it would be Touch. Someone on the message board said I must be a good guesser :) How did I get it? Well since we'd lifted cereal the day before I had a feeling taste was not going to be it, & smell goes along with taste a lot.  Sight is too easy since it's not out of the box at all so Touch seemed to make sense.  Maybe a little of the Sherlock Holmes I've been reading is rubbing off?

Anywho here is my page:

This is also my first layout for Nic & May's Double Take class at BPC.  It's about the place where I sit (when I get to sit) when my son is home & since my legs have been sore from a workout on Tuesday, I haven't been climbing up & downstairs to my scrap room in the basement, so this week, I've been sitting here even more.  Not the neatest area (Esp during LOAD)  but a place where we love to be:). (Much of this is on the pullout journaling card).

Day 12: Random Acts of Scrapping Saturday – Something from Your Trash

 If you look closely at the take 12 page you'll see the layout already but here it is:

 This is my pre-class layout for Nic Howard's Dimensional Details class at BPC, I am so looking forward to this class!! & Yes I did use trash!  Here's a closeup of the cluster:

Can you count all 5 different pieces of trash?  

I'll give you a hint one of them is not trash in the picture above it...

Okay I'll tell you:  1. Wrapper from a Lindor Truffle 2. Wrapper from a KIND bar 3. Cardboard
4. Leftover Eyelash yarn, too short to crochet with 5. the lid from a Ball jar. 

So that brings us to today & we already did that one :)  More from me soon, including a new challenge at Clear It Out!


  1. Are those THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE SHEETS????????? Wesley absolutely LOVES Thomas! He has those same sheets....unfortunately we've only been able to find them in twin size and his bed is a full (one of the cribs that converted to a full size bed). If your son Ryan loves Thomas also, that would be a thing in common that we could use to 'hook them up" with online!

    1. Actually those sheets are "Cars". We did go through a fairly long Thomas phase, but it was over a couple of years ago. He's even pretty much through with Cars, I just haven't bought new sheets. My 2yo nephew is beginning his Thomas fascination though. It's so much fun to see him pull out Ryan's old "Choo choos".