Friday, April 13, 2012

April Take Twelve

Can you believe another month has come & gone?  Here it is April already!  So I took 12 photos yesterday (ok I took a lot more than that, I chose 12) for a layout.  Here is the final product:

Closeups of each side:

Here is what the teensy weensie journaling box says:

It rained last night.  The gray dampness allied itself with my slugabed side in a battle against my alarm.  However much I may have wished otherwise,  tis fortunate that the victor was the alarm.  For Ryan was at school before the tardy bell.  Upon my return, I succeeded in remaining awake by finishing Black Wind. Once Cussler engrosses me, the odds are against any other sort of accomplishment until the final word is read.  Afterwards, I beat the pirates on “Monkey Island”.  Whilst I was in their clutches, 11:00 came and went, along with the new Pilates class, but yesterday’s 3 classes & tomorrow’s Aqua Zumba prevent any heartache on that score.  (My glutes are still a teensy bit sore from Monday’s Deep Water Aqua Zumba, but not so much as yesterday).  The blossoms are on the plum tree and the crabapples are resplenedent in springtime glory.  The daffodills, though not yet open, are bowing their heads to the sun.  Tiny green spears are showing themselves in the grass.  My lovely cheerful yellow house is wonderfully at home in the bright April blue. Enough poetry already!  When Ryan got home, he immediately turned on the T.V. despite being well aware of the rule.  Since he said he just wanted to hear the 1 song (& turned it off after said song) I decided to let it slide.  Bought him an MP3 player on Amazon, and the soundtrack for Sonic Colors (Who knew you could get a video game soundtrack).  So now I will know that he really is just listening to music, & won’t have to worry about illicit game playing (since the DS has been hidden very well).  Spent an hour or so on some volunteer work for Mrs. Wolinski.   Color coded some books with their A.R. levels, made sure her name was in them, made and added Library Card Pockets.  Meanwhile pork chops and sweet fries were baking for supper.  Ryan was most happy about the broccoli & cauliflower with cheese on them that went on the side.   After supper, Ryan played “Horse” with Trevor out front (I wonder if I should tell him what “Ho” & “Hor” mean since he kept saying  he was one...) .  Mr. Marin stopped & chatted with them on hiw way from the mailbox.  It’s nice that they are “Pals”, I was afraid of the principal when I was their age.  Later, Ry went through his Emeril cookbook, and we read Oh the Places You’ll Go and Miss Nelson is Missing! Then a game of “Blockers” afterwhich twas bedtime for my son. Alas, I put it away without taking a picture, so played against myself to get a photo-worthy board.  Went upstairs.  Ryan was reading & listening to “Sonic Colors”.  I gave him his Melatonin spray & said “5 more minutes till lights out.” & “I love you Goodnight.”  Then sat on my bed with my journal & a few Lindor truffles. Light a few candles & indulge in some wool gathering.  Read a couple very old journal entries (the most recent-2001).  Since it is April, my recent thoughts have often turned to Brad.  As my journal reminds me, we did have our troubles, but they seem so petty and insignificant compared to living without him.  Hard to believe 9 years have passed. We were only married 5 1/2. It still hurts, but it’s more of a dull ache now instead of hot stabbing pain.  I have a long way to go, but I have also come a very long way.  I still miss him, but I am living again & even beginning to think I could love someone new someday... The comforting glow of the candles, and their soft scent reminds me of long ago days, evenings spent by a fire or in a bath.  Give Thanks to our Heavenly Father for the gift of good memories, the  comfort of scripture and the hope of seeing him again, Soon!

And here are a couple of the ones that missed the cut:
I love taking pictures in my bedroom mirror.

A Card I made the other day for a couple of challenges. 

The inside of the card

Crabapple Blossoms

Daffodils Will be Blooming Soon!

Gummy Vitamins, Zyrtec & ADHD meds- Start Ry's day off right ;)

Plum Blossoms

What could be cuter than this smiling face?


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